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FindLaw's Don't Judge Me

FindLaw's Don't Judge Me podcast covers what life as a lawyer is really like. Listen as hosts Ally, Andy, Laura, and Joe bring you a broad range of perspectives from the legal community. We hope you have as much fun listening as we have making it.

Hosts: Ally Marshall, Andy Leonatti, Laura Temme, and Joe Fawbush

Sound Engineer: Paul Hjellming

Producer: Joe Fawbush


May 21, 2020

What do toilet flushes, the grim reaper, and recent law school graduates have in common? Well, this year it's several things, but mostly they are all being discussed on today's episode.

Now that graduates are facing the worst job market for new attorneys in over a decade, what can they do to get their legal careers started? Our hosts discuss what difficulties face law students and what they can do to keep their dreams of practicing law alive. 

We also talk about a Florida attorney (where else?) who is taking social distancing enforcement into his own cloaked hands.