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FindLaw's Don't Judge Me

FindLaw's Don't Judge Me is the show about the law in real life. Listen as hosts Andy, Joe and Laura discuss the good, the bad, and the hilarious about current legal events and hot topics. We hope you have as much fun listening as we have making it.

Hosts:  Andy Leonatti, Joe Fawbush, Laura Temme and Vaidehi Mehta

Sound Engineer: Laura Temme

Producer: Joe Fawbush


Mar 9, 2023

At some point all of us have been charged a "service" fee when no services were rendered (we're looking at you, Ticketmaster). Or perhaps you've been charged a surprise "resort" fee after staying at a run-of-the-mill hotel. How is this legal? Both state attorneys general and the Biden Administration are looking to curb so-called junk fees. Will it work? Meanwhile, do us regular consumers have any options? We take a look on this episode.