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FindLaw's Don't Judge Me

FindLaw's Don't Judge Me is the show about the law in real life. Listen as hosts Andy, Joe and Laura discuss the good, the bad, and the hilarious about current legal events and hot topics. We hope you have as much fun listening as we have making it.

Hosts:  Andy Leonatti, Joe Fawbush and Laura Temme

Sound Engineer: Laura Temme

Producer: Joe Fawbush


Sep 17, 2021

Experienced Washington landlord/tenant attorney Jesse Matsukawa sits down with Andy and Vaidehi to discuss the end of the rent moratorium. What does it mean for struggling renters? What are their legal options if behind on rent? A must-listen for anyone worried about eviction. 

Sep 10, 2021

Local governments, large employers, and now the federal government are instituting vaccine mandates even as some states are taking the opposite approach. We examine the current state of vaccine mandates and discuss Supreme Court precedent on their constitutionality. 

Sep 2, 2021

The White Earth Band of Ojibwe recognized the rights of wild rice under tribal law in 2018. Now, wild rice is the plaintiff in a lawsuit in tribal court against the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, claiming a proposed oil pipeline violates its rights. Other tribes, communities in the U.S., and countries have...

Aug 26, 2021

We're back at the U.S.-Mexico border, this time to discuss firearms smuggling. Mexico is suing multiple prominent U.S. gun manufacturers in federal court, alleging negligence and other torts. Does the lawsuit have a chance at succeeding on the merits? We discuss the background of the case, what Mexico's aims are...

Aug 19, 2021

Court sanctions were not enough to prevent attorney Richard Liebowitz from filing lawsuit after lawsuit on behalf of photographers alleging copyright infringement. The problem is Liebowitz also routinely falsely claimed his clients registered their copyrights prior to filing lawsuits, lied to the court, and violated...